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LASTNFRAME Composite T-Astragal

Available Sizes: 3-1/2”
Finish Options: Smooth White or Tan, Embossed Woodgrain Mahogany or Oak  

T-Astragle type, kerfed for weatherstrip

Can be routed and cut without chip outs

              LASTNFRAME Composite T-Astragal
Durable, long-lasting, enhance the quality and performance of the entryway door systems.

Fully composite T-Astragal resist humidity and moisture, with completely composite exteriors to help eliminate the risk of mold and rot, swelling and cracking.

Composite T-Astragal

Product Information - Composite T-Astragal

•  WPC non-rot, maintenance-free T-Astragal
•  Moisture and insect resistant
•  Features protective layer with UV inhibitors to help resist yellowing and fading